Cloudera Hadoop Training in Taipei

各位 Hadoop 同好:

好消息,由於大家熱烈地投票,Cloudera 決定來台灣舉辦教育訓練與認證。
有打算要考 Hadoop 認證的社群朋友們,請找金主支援考照。(雖然已經比美國便宜一半了)

Cloudera Hadoop Training in Taipei

Greetings from Cloudera! We hope you had a joyous New Year celebration.

You recently filled out a survey expressing interest in Hadoop
training in Taipei.

We are happy to offer a 3 day developer training session in Taipei on
April 12-14:

To support the local community, we are offering an incredible discount
for individuals who pay with their credit card (about 50%). We are
also happy to invoice your company at our standard rate.

If you would like to consider a private session for groups over 20
people, please let me know, as we may be able to stay in Taipei for an
extra week.