2010/04/20 pomsets 雲端工作流程管理分享


pomsets 雲端工作流程管理分享
"Cloud Computing and its Application" lecture series:
pomsets : Workflow management
for your cloud

    當雲端運算遇上動畫製作,會激盪出什麼樣的火花呢?工作流程管理在雲端運算架構中,是蠻容易被忽 略的一個組成元件。然而,若是對Amazon Web Service 夠熟悉的話,會發現在 Amazon 提供的服務中,也有一些與流程管理有關,如:Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)、Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)。此次演講很榮幸邀請到 Nephosity 的創辦人 Michael Pan 來為我們介紹 pomsets 這套軟體(非商業用途為 GPL 授權),Michael Pan 擁有豐富的分散式運算工作經驗,更曾參與史瑞克三、功夫熊貓、馴龍高手、史瑞克:快樂 4 神仙等動畫製作。歡迎有興趣了解雲端工作流程管理的自由雲端同好踴躍參加。

    Workflow management is the design, specification, and coordinated execution of jobs and their dependencies necessary to perform some computing task. It is an important, yet unaddressed component of the cloud computing software stack.

    In this talk, we begin by explaining the motivation for workflow management. To address the problem at hand, we introduce pomsets, a cloud enabled workflow management system. After a brief introduction of its features, we will use a live demonstration. If time permits, we will present an actual use case and provide statistics on how pomsets reduces computation in a real life application.

15:00~15:10  引言
15:10~16:30  講題:pomsets: Workflow management
   for your cloud

講者:Michael Pan, CEO of Nephosity
16:30~16:40  Q & A