[JOB] Hadoop 工作機會 @ 台北內湖科學園區

Hadoop 工作機會 @ 台北內湖科學園區


  1. Hadoop Software Developer (Hadoop 軟體工程師)


Job Description:

  1. Hadoop 巨量資料處理平台產品及解決方案研發
  2. Solr/Lucene 巨量企業搜尋解決方案整合研發
  3. Hadoop/Solr/Lucene 雲端運算技術整合測試、效能調校
  4. 協助客戶進行Hadoop/Solr/LuceneOpen Source雲端運算技術導入及專案建置、系統整合

Job Requirement:

  1. 大學以上相關科系畢業
  2. 熟悉J2SEJVM效能調校
  3. 熟悉Linux系統操作,至少熟悉一種Script Language (shell script, perl or python)
  4. Hadoop有經驗者為佳,CCDH (Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop) 優先錄用
  5. 熱愛技術與open source,具備積極主動的學習態度


履歷資料請寄 jameschen@systex.com.tw


2.      Big Data Business Development Manager / Sr. Sales Consultant


Job Description:


1.          Developing big data business strategies based on comprehensive analysis on the industry, competitors, market and business conditions, and proactively identifying and profiling target business opportunity

2.          Developing business models and solutions based on current product offering

3.          Screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; contacting potential partners; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities; recommending equity investments.

4.          Supporting BU sales team from developing account plan to engaging and gaining commitment actively working with partner C Level

5.          Support to closes new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with business operations.


Job Requirement:


1.          5+ years working experiences in sales, product marketing & management and pre-sales functions in IT enterprise solution industry

2.          Familiar with those solutions as below is good plus

ü   Information retrieval / Knowledge management

ü   Content Management or Enterprise Search Application

ü   Document Management / Automation

ü   Business intelligence / Business Analytics

ü   Data Warehouse & Data Mining

3.          Good command of spoken and written English and Mandarin.

4.          Self-motivated, well-organized, team player and good interpersonal skills

5.          Experience engaging with senior executives.

6.          Good presentation skill is a must

7.          BA/BS required

8.          Willing to travel up to 25% in APAC region (South China, HK and South Asia)



履歷資料請寄 eric_chen@systex.com.tw



[關於精誠Big Data事業]


精誠Big Data事業隸屬于精誠資訊(灣第一大資訊服務廠商)策略性組織「雲中心」的一環,以發展Big Data Killer App為使命,採台北-北京雙基地並行發展。奠基於全球的Hadoop Ecosystem,與所有的Hadoop DistributionsTools廠商友好,致力於巨量資料的End-to-End解決方案,直接面對行業客戶,直接解決特定的商業問題,凸顯團隊的專業價值。團隊中有亞洲少見多年Hadoop實戰經驗成員,在商業Production環境中運行過數百到上萬個節點的服務叢集,並已有數位成員擁有Cloudera Certified Developer/Administrator for Apache Hadoop專業認證。


我們積極參與世界性大中華地區的開源社群活動,如最近即參與了「Hadoop World 2011(紐約)全球年度盛會,以及「Hadoop中國2011雲計算大會」(北京)的議程報告 (http://hic2011.hadooper.cn/dct/page/65580)


您對Hadoop有熱情嗎?歡迎加入精誠Big Data事業團隊,包準您學得快又多,成為業界翹楚,指日可待。