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[Job] Hadoop 工作機會 @ 台南

  • Job description:
  1. Study and implement cloud computing technologies and provide proposal for critical system availability improvement for hig volume data processing improvement.
  2. Collaborate with project teams to pilot and promote cloud computing technologies.
  3. Develop equipment automation related applications
  4. Support operation system maintenance
  • Job requirement:
    1. MS degree or above in computer science or related disciplines.
    2. At lease 2-year experience in the Hadoop/mapreduce, virtualization, grid computing or cloud computing.
    3. Ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly.
    4. Self motivated, good teamwork and problem solving skill.
    5. Experienced in data center management related fields is a plus.
    6. Fluent English communication skill is a plus (oral and written).
    7. On call for system trouble shooting is required
    8. Location is at Tainan

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